A team of strategic partners focused on enterprise growth.

We’re experts in everything Bluecore — and everything enterprise retail. From onboarding to enablement, our services team are your strategic partners in campaign performance and revenue growth.

customer success managers

Our customer success managers will show you how to:

  • personalize campaigns with dynamic content, offers, and recommendations.
  • create audiences so the right shoppers see the right message in the channel where they want to buy.
  • build campaigns across email, mobile, site, and paid media — in one system.

Customize your level of support.

Drive success with a level of service that is tailored to your business needs.

Let me fly.

We provide the upfront training and support around growth, adoption, and performance that enables your team to self-sufficiently run your programs.

More help, please.

We collaborate closely with your team to help you run your programs with additional guidance, providing creative, production, and strategic enablement as needed.

Give me the works.

We do it all for you. You have full access to the platform, campaigns, and analytics — and you get a fully managed partnership with end-to-end support.

Core services that accelerate time to value.

From hands-on enablement to holiday readiness, all customers, new and established, can depend on dedicated strategy and services that drive predictable revenue in any environment. Here’s how:

A laser focus on your success

  • program management
  • personalization strategy
  • performance optimization and reporting
  • business reviews

The support you need for crunch time

  • extended support for holiday season
  • 24/7 email coverage with prompt response
  • chat support Mon – Fri, 10 AM – 5 PM ET/EST
  • support tickets and troubleshooting

Smooth integration maintenance

  • JS snippet maintenance
  • data management
  • integration strategy and optimization
  • deliverability

Guided enablement

  • initial hands-on learning
  • access to our Knowledge Base for product info and insights
  • a vast webinar library for a deeper look into roadmaps and features

Optional enhanced professional services that scale growth.

Whether you’re onboarding onto Bluecore or expanding your program through additional migrations or new projects, we offer full digital agency capabilities — in-house.

Dedicated project management

  • orchestrate all moving pieces of large cross-functional projects — with a start and end date
  • improve on-time completion and quality control of overall project
  • included in all program migrations / re-platforms

Content and creative services

  • design and develop creative content according to your brand guidelines
  • design mockups to explore template options
  • achieve industry best practices and ADA compliance in design elements

End-to-end campaign configuration

  • set up campaign, audience, dynamic rules and logic, testing, and deployment
  • incorporate layered PSD files, audience targeting, and dynamic product rules into your campaign template shell

Quality assurance and control

  • intake, build, and deployment are managed to expectations and ensure a successful launch
  • test and validate campaign components and template proof sets across devices via litmus testing

Tommy Hilfiger

“Bluecore’s customer success team is to die for. It’s one of the reasons I’ve implemented them so many times. Their team is smart, easy to work with, and all about customer success.”

Tommy Lamb
Former Director of Retention | Tommy Hilfiger

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