Lane Bryant increases revenue with 1:1 messages.

The problem:
Lane Bryant needed to make up for declining store revenue as shoppers moved online, but inconsistent offers and recommendations made it difficult for shoppers to buy.

With Bluecore, Lane Bryant saw:


increase in revenue per email


lift in conversions


efficiency gain in media spend
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Lane Bryant

What you can look forward to with Bluecore — straight from our enterprise customers.

There are a lot of things I like about Bluecore. I’d say that one of my favorite things would be the ease of creating audiences. Bluecore makes it so easy to use your lists and segment data when needed.

Rachel E.
Digital and Email Marketing Specialist
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The Bluecore team has continued to exceed expectations and promises from the onboarding, transition, and account management standpoint. They have effectively and efficiently managed a lot of details to ensure a successful onboarding and launch.

Ryan D.
Director of eCommerce
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The data visualization is amazing — you are able to dig into a singular user and see all of their activity including what emails they viewed, opened, did not open and what products they looked at. You can also see their customer lifetime value down to the day.

Administrator in Luxury Goods and Jewelry
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